The Future of
Foam Bonding
Tuesday • October 26 2021 • 2:00 PM CEST
Want to elevate your knowledge about the foam bonding industry? Now is your chance to do so! The Future of Foam Bonding is a digital event by SABA that brings together industry experts to share insights on how the foam bonding industry for mattresses and furniture is transforming, the technologies applied by companies who are leading from the front, and a look at what’s on the horizon.
Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn from a mix of industry leaders, such as IKEA, Europur, ISPA, EBIA and DFM – all for free. Topics such as circularity, automation, material use, trends, and developments are all covered. Plus a lot more.

Join us on October 19 for a chance to step away from your day-to-day and immerse yourself in the latest trends, technologies, and ideas for setting your course into the future. 
What to Expect?

Producing furniture more efficiently

High demands are made in the furniture industry for bonding flexible foam. Because the variety of substrates and applications within the furniture industry is wide, many different challenges can arise. In this session we will discuss the challenges that the furniture industry is facing and how to tackle them by producing furniture more efficiently.


Circularity in the foam bonding industry

In a circular economy, products at their end of life are transformed back into valuable raw materials thus eliminating waste and creating new high value products. In the mattress and furniture industry there is a lot of movement around this topic with initiatives, pilots, and legislation evolving from day to day. This session gives you a great view on the latest developments because not only do we believe that a circular system is the future of foam bonding, we think it has to be!


Producing mattresses faster 

Our customers often come to us with one main goal: producing mattresses faster. Everyone is looking for ways to improve their products and operations through greater efficient. In this session, we discuss the trends and developments in the market for ensuring the highest output of quality finished goods through automation.

Meet our speakers

Magdalena Dembska – Deputy Category Manager IKEA


Magdalena Dembska is deputy category manager at IKEA. IKEA has embarked on the exciting journey of making more from less: all products are 100% circular, and by 2030 only renewable or recycled materials will be used.

Michel Baumgartner – Secretary General EUROPUR


Michel Baumgartner is secretary general of EUROPUR, the European association of manufacturers of flexible polyurethane foam blocks, and of EURO-MOULDERS, the European association of manufacturers of molded polyurethane parts for the automotive industry.

Ryan Trainer – President von ISPA und MRC


Ryan Trainer is President of both the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) and the Mattress Recycling Council (MRC). He is dedicated to protecting and promoting the growth, profitability and reputation of the mattress industry.

Gabriella Kemendi - Secretary General


Gabriella Kemendi has been Secretary General of the European Furniture Industries Confederation since June 2019. She is responsible for the overall management of the EFIC. Ms. Kemendi has worked in EU affairs since 2013. Before joining EFIC, she worked at Kellen for a number of European and international trade associations. Before that she worked for the general information service of the European Commission.

Amelia Dybowska – Head of Household & Recreation EMEA

Coats Performance materials

Amelia Dybowska is sales manager with over 17 years of experience in the home textile industry at international level. She has extensive and in-depth knowledge of the various thread and zipper components used in mattresses and furniture elements. Coats Performance Materials has actively invested in digital technologies to help our customers seize the opportunities of digitalization.

Ovidiu Muresan – Sales and Technical Manager


Ovidiu Muresan is Sales & Technical Manager at SABA. SABA not only manufactures advanced adhesives, but also stands for total solutions where we find the best options for your process or project. Ovidiu supports customers in their bonding process - be it implementing new systems or solving existing problems in ongoing projects.

Chris Belterman – Product Marketing Manager


Chris Belterman is Product Marketing Manager at SABA To create a truly circular mattress market that has a tangible impact on global linear waste reduction, SABA takes a holistic approach that combines comfort, durability and circularity in one design.

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